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Featured in Pride News - Low Cost Mental Health for Black Clients in Need

Pride News

Honoured to be featured by Pride News, a paper that touches the lives of African and Caribbean individuals in the GTA:

"The MHCC added that not every facet of being Black can be articulated; not every facet of a racist incident can be explained and, therefore creating a comfortable and safe environment for Black Canadians to seek treatment is vital to helping them heal from their mental illness, and this makes it important to have a culturally-competent Black therapist.

Driven, and inspired, by this challenging mental health scenario for Black-Canadians, who tend towards reticence in seeking treatment, Susan Bascillo and Yemi Faderin — both registered social workers with Masters’ Degrees in their discipline, and over a quarter century of combined relevant experience — launched Black Mental Health Matters Canada Inc. (BMHM), last month."

Read the full article here: http://pridenews.ca/2020/10/19/low-cost-mental-health-services-black-canadians-now-available/