What to do if all your Monday's are blue

A look at depression, what it is, its causes, symptoms and how to get help.

Provincial Mental Health Resources [download]

Download our list of provincial mental health resources so you always know what options you have for finding the help you need based on your circumstance.

Low Cost Mental Health Services for Black Communities

Product of the BLM movement, BLACK MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS is healing Black Torontonians and beyond.

Featured in Pride News - Low Cost Mental Health for Black Clients in Need

Pride News
Driven, and inspired, by this challenging mental health scenario for Black-Canadians, who tend towards reticence in seeking treatment, Susan Bascillo and Yemi Faderin — both registered social workers with Masters’ Degrees in their discipline, and over a quarter century of combined relevant experience — launched Black Mental Health Matters Canada Inc. (BMHM), last month. Read our Pride News feature.


Over the past few days our heart has been heavy with accusations that we are refusing to share your donations with a therapist, and former member of this fund. This is simply not true. Read about our commitment to fairness, open dialogue and to helping our fellow members of the Black community.

Recognizing the need

The Toronto Star
Toronto mental health workers and co-founders of BMHM were worrying about the impact of these experiences on the Black community.

Black Mental Health Matters on CBC Radio

CBC Radio
Here and Now Toronto with Gill Deacon - June 2, 2020: The Healing Collective's Susan Bascillo on the Black Mental Health Matters fundraiser