Our Mission:

  • We are working to promote optimal mental health within the Black community to youth over 15, adults, and entire families.

Our Vision:

  • We envision a future where all Black people feel supported by the mental health system, empowered to improve their mental health, and confident in themselves as proud Black Canadians.

Our Values:

  • We believe in the power of holistic healing, one that is achieved by finding balance between the mind, body and spirit.
  • We value social justice, practicing therapy through an Anti-Black Racism framework, which recognizes the root cause of many systemic failures (including police brutality) impacting the Black community.
  • We embrace diversity, placing value on each client’s unique experience, gender, sexuality, income level, age, ability, spirituality, family and other influences. 
  • We foster community, by developing resources to create a sense of belonging and encourage connection between clients and workshop attendees.
  • We apply a love ethic to our work, supporting liberation and an ideology that all racially marginalized people should be free, live fully, and live well.
  • We defend equity, despite the different privileges that may divide us, we uphold fairness for all.
Meet The Team